Why We Are Hesston College Partners

Jonah, Mara, Melody, Rachel and Eric Short-Miller

The list of reasons we value Hesston College is quite extensive but the overarching theme is the experience that it provides to students in all aspects of life. We are more than just physical beings – we’re also emotional, mental and spiritual. Hesston does a marvelous job of addressing all aspects of a person and is committed to the growth of the whole of an individual.

Hesston does a great job in helping students move from a faith based on their childhood and/or their parents’ teaching to a faith that they claim as their own. The curriculum for all students challenges them to break away from the easy Sunday school answers and think critically. We found, both for ourselves when we were students, and with our children who have and are attending Hesston College, that the faculty and staff are involved in providing support for making that crucial step of continuing a faith journey. It allows for questioning and provides support for the student to develop the answer.

In our own experience, we found Hesston’s classes challenging, and we felt well prepared as we transferred to a large state university to continue our education. Hesston’s quality of teaching and concern of the instructors is unparalleled in our view.

It’s not just the mental and spiritual aspect that Hesston nurtured, but also the emotional. We were able to participate in choir and student life, and formed friendships that have lasted. Hesston does a great job of getting students involved immediately. As parents, we were impressed watching our children make immediate connections during Opening Weekends and see how the college always strives to involve every student in meaningful, fun ways.

The experiences we had and continue to observe have inspired us to support an institution that we hope and pray will continue to shape future generations.