A Culture of Excellence – President’s Perspective

Hesston College President Howard KeimHesston College’s nursing program is truly remarkable in its high achievements, loyalty of alumni, reputation with health care employers and as a premier program in the state of Kansas.

Year after year, our first-time pass rate on the national licensure exam is one of the highest in the state. How do we account for this? I have a few theories.
First, our faculty members, led by Bonnie (Kauffman) Ac65, ’67 Sowers, are excellent teachers and see nursing as a divine call as well as a profession. They embody the best of the ideals of educating and nurturing each student in Christ-centered community. Students know they are loved and prayed for, and many succeed because they come to believe in their ability to learn and serve.

Second, our nursing faculty members have a kind of genius about them that combines very high standards and rigorous learning with caring support. It is not only rigor, and it is not only love – it is both, in the doses that each student needs.

Third, the nursing program enjoys the respect and support of the entire campus. There is a sense of genuine pride in the achievements of the program and its students. In many ways, it is a bit presumptuous of a small two-year private college to even attempt to have a nursing program. In its early years, President Laban Peachey sometimes heard from other presidents that it was a little much for Hesston to think it could do this. Well, yes we can.

Several years ago, I listened to the site visitors of the Kansas State Board of Nursing give their final oral report. I had never, and likely never will again, hear and see such respect from an accrediting body for a program. Thank you for your continuing support of this program and of Hesston College.