Honoring Legacies, Helping Students

Institutional scholarships are vital to the 99 percent of Hesston College students who receive institutional aid. These scholarships are awarded to students who have particular interest, qualifications or financial need. The following scholarships have been added to the list of endowed scholarships since fall of 2018.

Chris J. Miller Aviation Scholarship

Chris J. Miller was raised in an Amish/Conservative Mennonite family. But he was troubled by a question: “What’s out there?” He learned to fly planes to help answer that question.

Miller’s lifelong love of flying and the aviation industry took him far and wide, to major hubs and tiny airports, all in the name of flight. Miller worked in aircraft maintenance in Chicago and Denver for United Airlines, rising to the position of maintenance supervisor. He retired from United in 1994, and held his small plane pilot’s license well into his retirement. The Chris J. Miller Aviation Scholarship has been established to help future pilots foster their love of flying and to make the world a better place.

Clifford R. and Hope K. Lind Endowed Scholarship

Hope (Kauffman) Lind attended Hesston College (Ac53, ’55), as did her parents, Herbert Kauffman (1908-34) and Cora “Irene” (Garber) Kauffman Gascho (1908-2002). Other family members attending Hesston College were daughter-in-law Joyce (Peachey) Lind and grandson Matthew Lind. Extended family members, including uncles, cousins and siblings, have also attended Hesston College. All left with resources for serving the world in countless ways.

The Linds wish to expand opportunities for students with special needs or students who are underrepresented at Hesston College.

Lee and Marvin Schmucker Scholarship

In the words of the donors, “Hesston College has been a significant part of our lives for many years. We both attended Hesston College. We both worked at HC for a combined total of 37 years and affirm its mission.

“Hesston College provides great opportunities for students to develop leadership. It also provides a safe space for students to test and develop their own concepts of spirituality and living as an adult in today’s world. We believe that Hesston College is the ideal starting place to go everywhere. Hesston College keeps providing these opportunities and doing it better each year.”

The Lee and Marvin Schmucker Scholarship has been established to support those with financial need who are involved in a congregation of one of the denominations of Mennonite World Conference or other Anabaptist denomination.

Merle and Madeline Vogt Scholarship Fund

Merle Vogt graduated from Hesston college in 1948. His daughter, Janet Vogt, established the fund in honor of his memory, along with that of her mother, Madeline.

According to Janet, Merle’s parents were missionaries in India, and he would have liked helping international students where possible.

Advancement Office launches GEM program for recurring donations

This spring the Hesston College Advancement office launched the GEM (Giving Every Month) program, which encourages alumni and friends of the college to set up recurring donations through HC’s online giving portal.

Donors who join the GEM program (known as GEMs) may choose a recurring donation amount ranging from $1 a month to $75. Annual support for Hesston through GEM may total anywhere from $12 to $999 a year. GEMs can expect recognition in winter issues of Hesston College TODAY alumni magazine, an invitation to an annual appreciation event and GEM-focused communications throughout the year.

Gifts made through GEM help Hesston College offer competitive scholarship packages to students around the world. To sign up or refer someone to the GEM program, visit hesston.edu/give.

Want to donate more than $999? Consider joining Hesston College’s Partner Program!