Why I am a Hesston College Partner

Matt Lehman

Get any group of Hesston alumni together, and you’ll get to hear stories – trips to Druber’s and Newell’s, mod activities, pranks played and more. Just recently, a friend of mine who didn’t attend Hesston remarked that he’s never met a Hesston alumnus who wasn’t passionate about the school and their experience there. It seems to be a fundamental truth that Hesston College has a positive impact on the people who attend there.

As a fundraiser, I get to see every day the way that people’s money gets turned into stories and experiences. In the same way, my donation to Hesston College gives new generations of students the chance to learn the Heils, participate in the Talent Show and shape their future as graduates of Hesston College. The reason that I give to Hesston College is that I know that the stories of Hesston College are ones that I want people to keep telling long into the future.

Matt lives in Bel Aire, Kan., and works in development for Mennonite Mission Network.