Chatter in the nest

mug shots of selected Hesston students

How have your college experiences and classes transformed your worldview?

Jenna VonBargen ’16, Baldwin City, Kan. — “Already my college experience has changed my perspective on the world because I have been exposed to so many different kinds of people. I have been fortunate to interact with students from all over the world, all walks of life and different faith traditions. Each student has different backgrounds, experiences and opinions to bring to the table. It is incredible how eye-opening it can be to simply be exposed to people who know and believe things that I hadn’t even really considered before.”

Andry Stutzman ’16, Harrisonburg, Va. — “I think that anyone who attends Hesston for a significant amount of time will quickly see that just because the college adheres to the Mennonite faith statement doesn’t mean that there aren’t a wide variety of views and backgrounds represented on campus. Through CAB activities and talking to people in classes and on campus, I have encountered people who have challenged me not to immediately dismiss others’ views, but instead consider the way my own views have been shaped by my life experiences and, ultimately, understand how these experiences have given me a unique worldview that might differ from others.”

How have you experienced multiculturalism and diversity at Hesston College?

Natsuki Mizutani ’16, Mie, Japan — “As an international student, I am sometimes surprised by Americans or other international students ideas and behaviors, but being exposed to others’ ways of thinking and customs has helped me experience multiculturalism and diversity.”

Austin Mitchell ’16, Plano, Texas — “I have experienced multiculturalism and diversity simply through meeting people on campus and making new friends. I have also attended the campus group Nations Mixer, which gives students the opportunity to interact with one another and learn about each other’s countries and cultures.”

What is it like attending college with students from all across the country and world and from a variety of backgrounds?

Ty Gwess ’16, Wichita, Kan. — “It gives me a good opportunity to learn about places that I wouldn’t have had the ability to learn about at a lot of other colleges.”

Sarah Anyar ’16, Towson, Md. — “It’s amazing that I am attending school with students from around the country and the world because it gives me a good sense of other cultures.”

Nate Gingerich ’15, Goshen, Ind. — “I love being part of such a diverse campus because I am able to interact and learn about other students who come from very different backgrounds than my own, while strengthening my understanding of my own culture and identity.”