Chatter in the Nest

Mug shots of Erin Brubaker, Fred Flores, Kyle Good, Jonae Hochstetler, Miho Okuda and Ryan Oostland

Near or far – How has your distance from home shaped your Hesston Experience?

Erin Brubaker ’17, Goessel, Kan.
“I like going to school close to home because it gives me the option to go home and see my family. I don’t go home too often though because the people here have become my second family.”
Ryan Oostland ’18, Goshen, Ind.
“I feel so much more independence being further away from home, and it’s great.”
Jonae Hochstetler ’18, Strawberry Lake, Minn.
“I’ve been away from home in Minnesota for a couple of years, but being in Hesston has been a whole new challenge. Coming into a space where no one knows you is both exciting and difficult. You have to figure out who you are and what’s important to you apart from your family and home. I’ve enjoyed being part of a new community here.”
Miho Okuda ’18, Narashino, Chiba-ken, Japan
“I do not miss home too much – I like college life at Hesston.”
Fred Flores Cano ’17, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
“I’m a very outgoing person, so it wasn’t hard for me to be far away from home. I miss being home for the holidays or for birthdays, but I love being a part of this community.”
Kyle Good ’17, Harrisonburg, Va.
“Not seeing my family every day and missing events I was used to felt a bit weird at first, but over time, this has become my home and a great experience.”