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Digital media class

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What is communication?

Communication is really about great storytelling. It’s about knowing your audience and figuring out how to inform or persuade them in the most effective way possible. It’s about writing, speaking or creating multimedia projects that empower and inspire people. At Hesston we believe that powerful communication leads to powerful change in our world.

“Majoring in Communication at Hesston College has opened so many doors for me. Hesston has given me so many hands-on opportunities to explore the field, through writing for the Horizon, taking classes like mass communications and interpersonal communications and working for the college’s Marketing and Communications department. It is through majoring in communication at Hesston that I have come to realize just how passionate I am about the art of storytelling. Our world is in dire need of people who understand the significance of sharing stories.”
— Emily Kauffman, class of 2016

Success factors

We’re looking for problem-solvers, critical thinkers and storytellers. If you like being the source of information, if you’re energized by crafting dynamic messages that address real issues, if creative, multimedia projects interest you, Hesston College’s Communication program is a great place to start.

Career possibilities

Students who complete degrees in Communication can choose from a wide variety of rewarding careers. Opportunities include journalism, broadcasting, public relations, digital media production and advertising, to name a few. Since strong communication skills are needed everywhere, Communication majors go on to work in a diverse range of fields.

“I knew I wanted to study journalism but I didn’t know where to start. The communication program gave me a good foundation and plenty of hands-on experience that will help me in my future career. Hesston College is special because very few places will allow you to have leadership positions as a freshman or sophomore.”
— Abby Musser, class of 2016

Majoring in communication

  • Internship opportunities with the college’s Marketing and Communications department to gain valuable job skills
  • Editorial positions of the Hesston Horizon the college’s student newspaper
  • Independent and cooperative learning courses that allow students to create their own, personalized learning experience: Develop an ad campaign, start a podcast, intern at a local newspaper
“Starting at Hesston College was huge for me and my career. I started with no previous journalism experience and thought it was something I might want to try. The program offered a lot of valuable information that I use every day, and it was done in a small, tight-knit group that allowed for hands-on instruction and support along the way.”
— Mike Mendez, class of 2008, sports writer, Newton Now, a weekly publication

Communication curriculum

You’re on your way to a four-year degree, so get a head start by building the best foundation you can. Hesston’s program covers the first two years in the major while also emphasizing real-world opportunities usually awarded to only juniors and seniors. Lead the Horizon newspaper staff as an editor. Intern for Hesston’s Marketing and Communications office writing press releases and feature articles, taking photos or designing publicity materials. Or, design an internship experience all your own. Your academic advisors will work with you to ensure you are well prepared to continue your education and pursue a career. And, they’ll customize the experience to your unique interests.

Sample curriculum – associate degree in communication

About the Department

The communication department upholds the values of Hesston College by asking students what it means to communicate as people of faith, personally and professionally. For those pursuing general communication study or those who plan to work in mass media, professors regularly emphasize subject matter related to multiculturalism, social justice, and peace & service.

Mission Statement

The Hesston College Communication department prepares students to view themselves and others as unique individuals and encourages them to apply the processes of competent communication, critical thinking, and social responsibility in ways that celebrate this uniqueness, build and maintain personal and group relationships and develop and support a variety of communities.

Learning Environment

Communication students work in a variety of settings, including the traditional classroom, where discussion and in-class activities are emphasized as a key component of learning. Students at Hesston are offered immediate opportunities to practice and develop practical skills needed for future careers in the field.

For students interested in journalism, the Hesston College Horizon newspaper provides a chance to develop and strengthen writing, editing, layout and design, and photography skills. For students interested in multimedia communication, hands-on, practical projects for public viewing (documentary making, audio slideshows, digital design projects) enhance learning and engage the entire campus.

Internships at area TV and radio stations, campus jobs with media services and cooperatives help students explore vocational possibilities early on in their academic journey. The Friesen Center Mac Lab has 14 state-of-the-art computers with a variety of software for graphic design and multimedia creation.

Student Publications

The Hesston College Horizon