Why we partner with Hesston College

Stephanie and Justin Yoder family

by Stephanie (Jackson) ’02, Alumni Advisory Council President, and Justin ’03 Yoder

Several years ago, we were approached about becoming Hesston College Partners and there was no doubt that we wanted to do just that. Hesston College was such an important time and place for both of us. We are Hesston College Partners because Hesston is the place that provided education, experiences and life lessons to make us into the people we are today. The education we received and experiences we had were instrumental in our development as professionals in the medical field (Stephanie) and in business (Justin). We also developed many relationships that remain some of our most valued.

We felt the support of others while we were at Hesston, and we want to offer the same support for students now and in the future. We hope that by supporting Hesston College, it maintains the community and the atmosphere that we grew to love while we were there. We love going back to campus and hearing about all the exciting things that are happening to create a wonderful Hesston Experience for students.

Our desire for Hesston’s future is to continue to nurture and care for students from across a variety of backgrounds and instill in them the core values that Hesston College instilled in us several years ago. We will continue to support Hesston College in the future and always encourage others to do the same.