Why we give

Linda (Fortner) and Norm Yoder

Norm ’67 and Linda (Fortner) ’68 Yoder, Henderson, Neb., are loyal and committed Partners in the Hesston College Partner program. They fulfill an annual commitment, and also are Legacy Partners, which means that have included Hesston College in their planned giving for the future. Hear why planned giving is an important part of their philanthropy.

“For us, planned giving is an important way in which we can use wisely what God has entrusted to us. In cooperation with the Hesston College Development Office, we developed a living trust that allows us to include Hesston in our future giving as well as being current Partners. We feel fortunate that we have the resources to share what God has given to us with others, especially Hesston College, as it is where we met more than 50 years ago and is a special place to us.

Hesston has also been a formative and meaningful part of our children’s’ lives, and we feel fortunate that our daughter, Jennifer (Yoder) ’94, her husband Dickson Sommers ’90, and our son Derek ’96 and his wife Joy (Smith) ’96 received the growth, education and relationships that are part of the Hesston Experience. We hope that some of our grandchildren will also choose to attend Hesston in the future.

We believe in the Hesston College mission statement that “Hesston College educates and nurtures each student within Christ-centered community, integrating thought, life and faith for service to others in the church and the world,” and we feel privileged to be able to join with other Partners who support that mission in helping to provide educational opportunities for today’s students. Being a Hesston College Partner and a Legacy Partner provides us the opportunity to continue to support the college for many years to come and give back to a small portion of what we gained as students many years ago.”

Hesston College works with Everence to create planned giving plans rooted in your faith and values.