The heart of Hesston College Nursing

Hesston College Nursing faculty and staff

Bonnie (Kauffman) Ac65, ’67 Sowers, Director of Nursing

B.S.N., Goshen (Ind.) College; M.S.N., Ohio State University (Columbus)
Hesston Nursing faculty 1970 to 72, 1975 to present

“Quality instruction and caring relationships are at the heart of the Hesston College Nursing program, creating a nurturing environment where each of us learns, develops and grows in faith.”

Becky Bartell

B.S.N., Bethel College (North Newton, Kan.); M.S.N., Fort Hays (Kan.) State University
Hesston Nursing faculty since 2010

“I received my undergraduate degree as a ‘traditional age’ student right out of high school and later went back for my graduate degree online while I worked full time and had a family. These educational experiences help me relate to almost any student who walks through the door. Time and stress management are key to being a successful nurse, and I hope each of my students can learn not only how to care for their patients holistically, but also care for themselves.”

Christina Ellis

B.S.N., Southwestern College (Winfield, Kan.); M.S.N., Walden University (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Hesston Nursing faculty since 2014

Marilyn Unruh Flaming, Academic Assistant

Hesston Nursing staff since 1978

Ruby (Chupp) ’73 Graber

A.A., Hesston College; B.S.N., Eastern Mennonite College (Harrisonburg, Va.); M.S.N., Wichita (Kan.) State University
Hesston Nursing faculty since 1990

“Nursing is a ministry and mission I love. Teaching is my way of encouraging this art of caring to others. I love teaching and seeing a student’s eyes light up when new connections are understood.”

Heather (Kyburz) ’00 Hosford

A.A., Hesston College; B.S.N., Wichita State University; M.S.N., Fort Hays State University
Hesston Nursing faculty since 2014

“I can’t ever remember considering any other profession than nursing. Providing holistic care to patients and their families bestows a sense of respect and purpose that is invaluable to life.”

Joyce Huber

B.S.N., Goshen (Ind.) College; M.S.N., Wichita State University
Hesston Nursing faculty since 1973

“The most rewarding part of teaching nursing is to know I have had a part in helping individuals meet their goals of becoming nurses. I cherish my relationships with my students – they are some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met! It brings me joy and satisfaction to see students develop healing skills and show compassion in caring for clients.”

Rita Peters

B.S.N., Goshen College; M.S.N., University of Minnesota (Minneapolis); Ph.D., nursing education, anticipated completion December 2016 University of Northern Colorado (Greeley)
Hesston Nursing faculty since 2002

“I love the intersection of science and psychology in nursing. My Ph.D. has challenged many of the ways I teach and is pushing me to try new methods to help students learn. I’m intensely curious how the class environment impacts students’ ability to learn.”

Jean Smucker Rodgers

B.S.N., Goshen College; M.S.N., Wichita State University
Hesston Nursing faculty 1974 to 75, 1978 to 81 and 1984 to present

“My hope is that students can relate to a great variety of people; that they can provide the encouragement and care each person needs. I like to interact with students outside of class, in the hallway, to ask about their lives and interests. My office door is usually open, and I am available for students to come in and talk.”

Karla Stauffer

B.S.N., Bethel College (North Newton); M.S.N., anticipated completion December 2015, Wichita State University; Certified as a Critical Care Registered Nurse
Hesston Nursing faculty starting August 2015

Sharon (Ross) ’90 Woodward

A.A., Hesston College; B.S.N., Goshen College; M.S.N., in progress, Kansas University Medical Center School of Nursing (Kansas City)
Hesston Nursing faculty since 2012

“I enjoy working with students as they apply their classroom knowledge to the clinical setting. It’s a pleasure to watch ideas and concepts coming together with technical and personal skills as the students relate to their clients. It challenges me in my own nursing practice to be open to new ways of approaching and doing things.”

Joy (Smith) ’96 Yoder

A.A., Hesston College; B.S.N., Southwestern College (Winfield, Kan.); M.S.N. in progress, Fort Hays State University
Hesston Nursing faculty since 2014

“Nursing creatively allows us to enter into other people’s lives in times of struggle and immense joy. I love how nursing presents an opportunity to holistically care for others. I am encouraged and revitalized as a nurse just observing and listening to the students’ excitement for learning! What an opportunity to hear how students were called into nursing and then watch them care for people in varied stages of life.”