Chatter in the nest

photos of chatter in the nest respondents

What has been your favorite Lark athletic moment?

Lindsey James ’19, softball, Butte, Mont.
“Watching Autumn Lungwitz ’19 serve in a volleyball game after she tore her ACL. The whole gym stood in support of her, and I cried.”
Jaden Lais ’20, men’s soccer, Grantsville, Md.
“When I was able to wear number 10 to honor Stephen Gonzalez ’19 when he was in the hospital on sophomore recognition night.”
Samuel Rios ’19, men’s soccer, Houston, Texas
“Scoring the game-winning goal against Pratt last year.”
DeeDee (Martin) ’02 Landes, head volleyball coach
“When I was a sophomore, our baseball team was doing really well and had a big group of followers who would travel to watch them play. There was one specific game for them to go on to post season – everything was going well and there were a bunch of us fans cheering loud, and I just felt proud to be a part of the program.”
Dave Ryan ’19, baseball, Bixby, Okla.
“When we had an impromptu dancing/singing competition.”
Sarah Keck, women’s soccer and basketball, Topeka, Kan.
“Being close with my teammates and just getting to play the game I love with my friends.”
Cassidy King ’19, volleyball, Cochranville, Pa.
“Sophomore night. We played two games that night, and we played so well and were just having fun together. We won both games in three sets.”
Chris Nachtigall ’01, athletic director
“When I was a sophomore, the men’s basketball team took down a tough Johnson County team at home. That was a really incredible game with a lot of energy and a packed gym.”