Chatter in the Nest

Hesston College students Lucas Comfort, Fred Flores, Chloe McNiel, Cristina Rapisardi, Shalee Rowley and Noah Yoder and faculty member Marelby Mosquera

Compiled by Mackenzie Miller ’18

What has been your favorite Hesston College memory from this year?

Fred Flores ’17, San Pedro Sula, Honduras
“Sophomore night for soccer, because it was the last time I played soccer with my teammates.”
Chloe McNiel ’18, Valley Center, Kan.
“Right off the get go, the coolest memory was going on the Colorado hiking trip. It came at a pivitol time at the beginning of the school year. It helped me feel like I belong.”
Marelby Mosquera ’04, faculty
“My environmental science class went to the Maxwell Wildlife Refuge a couple of weeks ago. It was great to turn around and see the faces of my students when they encountered the bison. It never gets old – the smiles, the countless pictures, the wonder of connecting in real time with these huge mammals. The beauty of enjoying time outside with the natural world is priceless.”

What Hesston College transition are you most looking forward to?

Noah Yoder ’18, Harrisonburg, Va.
“I am definitely looking forward to becoming a ministry assistant. I have looked forward to that opportunity ever since I heard about the position and am excited to step into that role.”
Lucas Comfort ’18, Salina, Kan.
“I am looking forward to being more established in the community.”
Cristina Rapisardi ’17, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
“I am looking forward to the new students and the new president. Getting to know them will be exciting.”
Shalee Rowley ’18, Colorado Springs, Colo.
“I am excited for my new leadership positions like resident assistant and writing fellow.”