Superior Donuts

Cast and crew of Superior Donuts - Hesston College Theatre production, spring 2021

Director’s Notes

This script explores a multitude of opposing themes: fighting/fleeing, risk/reward, despair/hope. It doesn’t shy away from the generational, economic and racial conversations that all occur under the roof of Superior Donuts.

This dilapidated donut shop is a reflection of its owner, Arthur. It has been in his family since he was born; they have grown up and out-of-date together. Arthur takes comfort in the cocoon of his confections.

Franco, who bursts in looking for work, couldn’t be more different from Arthur. Franco takes chances, is optimistic and “never stops moving.” He shakes up the shop and its owner with his enthusiasm and laughter. He challenges Arthur to “bring in some poetry,” “call that girl” and “reach out to family” — all things that Arthur has been content to avoid. He is, after all, an evader.

And what, or who, is worth the fight anyway?

– Rachel Jantzi, director