Our Town

cast and crew photo from the Hesston College production of Our Town
The Our Town cast and crew (left to right):
Howard Keim, Jim Yoder, Mitch Stutzman, Maggie Carlson, Margaret Wiebe, Zachary Baldauf, Rachel Teeter, Eleya Raim, Melissa Carlson, Micah Raber, Kierra Funk, Erika Byler, Emma Roth, Bernie Barge, Rachel Jantzi, RaeLee Hightower, Calley Bartell, Heidi Hochstetler, Clayton Gladish, Carter Funk, Abbie DeWild, Bekah Deaton, Sarah Beachy, Laura Kraybill, Kristy Clouse


“Blessed Be the Tie that Binds.” The words and music of this familiar hymn echo the message of Our Town. As the refrain cycles throughout the play, we are reminded of the sacred threads woven into life. We observe bonds between family, neighbors, and spouses through seasons of birth, love and loss. The final act portrays death not as a breaking of bonds, but a transformation. In whatever season of life we find ourselves, we are invited to pay attention to what matters most. Emily laments in the final act: “Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it? -every, every minute?” May her words summon us to realize the gift of life and community while we are here.      – Laura Kraybill