Cast and crew photo from Hesston College production of Fools

Director’s note

“I have learned there is no spirit on earth, evil or otherwise, that can destroy a pure heart of devoted love.” – Leon, Fools

Relations with Russia are strained as wars and invasions in the Middle East rage. Hostages are taken and diplomatic ties are cut. The summer Olympics are a topic of strife, the economy is considered a mess and a flood of refugees want to enter America to seek a new beginning. There is a presidential candidate who has spent most of their time in the spotlight of Hollywood. Increased funding to the military and defense budgets are a talking point in the election. Literal walls are a rally cry and there is a general sense of political mistrust.

The year was 1981 and we needed to laugh.

In 1981, Neil Simon wrote his play, Fools. It’s a ridiculous play…just plain goofy. It’s about a village that has been cursed with stupidity for over 200 years, and the teacher who desires to help them. And amid the one-liners and shenanigans, there is a story of community and love.

We need a moment to breath. While I rmly believe the theatre is a mirror of society and a venue for action, I also feel it is a place to simply come together and be entertained.

And here we are, again…the year is 2016 and we need to laugh.


Rachel Jantzi, director