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The Bookstore sells textbooks, school supplies, backpacks, clothing, insignia items, greeting cards, personal items, snacks and gifts. Textbook rentals and digital textbooks are also available. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted for any purchase.


9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Bookstore is closed weekends except for special occasions.


First floor of Erb central

Textbook and General Merchandise Refund Policy

  • Textbooks can be returned for a full refund during the first week of classes if accompanied by the original receipt and the book is in the original condition. During the second week of classes, refunds will be processed only if the above criteria has been met and with proof the course has been dropped. Shrink wrapped packages must be intact and unopened. No refunds after two weeks.
  • Refunds will be processed in the same manner of which they were purchased (i.e. credit card purchases will be refunded to the credit card, purchases made on the student account will be refunded to the student account)
  • Credit card refunds require original receipt AND credit card on which the purchase was charged.

Non-Textbook Return Policy

  • Refund or exchange accepted within 14 days of purchase with original receipt.
  • Merchandise must be in its original condition.
  • Non-returnable items include: clearance merchandise, opened supplies, DVDs or CDs, snacks and other consumable items.

Book Buyback Policy

Our policy is to buy every book we possibly can, offering you as much as we can. The following information explains how the process of book buyback works:

  1. Books that have been ordered by professors for the next term and are needed for store stock will be purchased up to half the purchase price during our end of term buyback.
  2. The quantity of books needed for any given class varies from term to term. The bookstore will only buy back up to 1/2 the purchase price the quantity needed for the upcoming term. When that need is filled, the wholesale value will be offered, if one exists. The wholesale value is determined by the used book and wholesale companies, based on the national demand for the book. Some books do not have a resale value and will not be purchased.
  3. Books that have been replaced by a new edition will not be purchased. If you have the first edition of a book, and the second edition is available, you have an old edition and it may not be purchased.
  4. Damaged books, or books in poor condition, will not be bought. This includes missing or loose pages, broken bindings, water damage or excessive writing.
  5. Professors, not the bookstore, determine which books are used for classes. Professors are responsible for notifying the bookstore of their book selection in a timely fashion. The bookstore can only work with the information we have at the time of buyback.
  6. Credit from buyback will first be applied to any past due outstanding student account as determined by the Business Office. If the student account balance is less than the determined balance, the student will receive cash in return for their textbooks bought during buyback.

Handbook 2017-18