Personal Counseling

Everyone encounters times in life where we need some extra support, an objective listening ear, a perspective different from our own or help navigating difficult emotions and situations. Hesston College Counseling Services is here for those times.

  • safe, confidential process
  • free, accessible services
  • compassionate, non-judgmental perspective

People come to talk with us for any number of reasons. No issue is too small to bring to counseling and you are free to talk about anything that is important to you. Sometimes simply naming the difficulty can bring relief from a troubling situation. Talking with a counselor can help a person clarify the issues he or she is dealing with. Counseling can also be helpful in bringing about a better understanding of self or situations. Counseling can assist students in helping to resolve conflicts which may interfere with personal growth development and goal attainment.

The counselor makes referrals to area mental health services if requested by the student or if additional services needed. The counselors also work with area mental health services for crisis stabilization.

For information on counseling services, contact Julie Lehman at ext. 8238 (off campus dial 620-327-8238) or email Julie’s office is in Friesen Center. Kevin Wilder is also available for counseling a few hours a week and can be reached at Kevin’s office is in Kropf Center.

Handbook 2019-20