Health Insurance

Hesston College encourages all students to be covered by a personal or family health and hospitalization insurance plan (health insurance). Students are encouraged to carry a copy of their current health, dental and prescription insurance cards. Students are responsible for their own costs of medical services and health insurance plans.

Enrolling in a health insurance plan

Students who do not have health insurance through their family may explore plans available through their local insurance broker, the national health insurance exchanges, or through other vendors. International students, students in the nursing or aviation programs and student athletes may elect to enroll in the student health plan offered through Hesston College. All undergraduate students taking 9 or more credit hours are automatically enrolled in this insurance plan at registration and are required to purchase this insurance plan unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished by the waiver deadline – September, 13, 2019. To complete the enrollment or waiver process, go to For more information on the Hesston College Student Health Insurance Plan, see the plan description at

The following student groups are required to show proof of coverage under primary health insurance:

  1. Athletes participating or practicing in an intercollegiate sport
  2. Nursing students participating in clinical settings
  3. International students
  4. Aviation students participating in flight instruction

Students who are not members of the above groups should participate in the waiver process described below, but are not required to show proof of primary health insurance.

Students will either “waive” coverage in the offered United Health Care student plan or enroll in the plan as part of their enrollment checklist. The online process will use questions to determine whether the student’s insurance plan is current (in effect), provides coverage in Kansas, and is carried by a legitimate primary health insurance provider. If the student is unable to waive enrollment in the student health plan, they will enroll in the offered plan and be billed the premium for the year on their student account.

All dorming students are covered under a Mandatory Student Accident Plan (MSAP). This is a secondary insurance policy which assists students in the event of injury from accident while at Hesston College.

All student athletes are also covered under a secondary athletic accident/injury policy. If an injury occurs as a result of the athlete practicing or participating in intercollegiate sports, the claim for the injury / accident is processed first through the primary insurance, then to the MSAP, then to the athletic secondary insurance.

Student athletes are required to pay a $200 fee (per year) to assist with the cost of providing secondary insurance coverage under the MSAP and secondary athletic policies. Secondary coverage helps offset out-of-pocket expenses for athletic injuries not covered by a student’s primary insurance plan (e.g. deductibles, copays, etc).

Handbook 2019-20