Health Insurance

Hesston College encourages all students to have health insurance. For international students, students in nursing and aviation programs and student athletes without a health insurance plan, the college offers a plan that provides basic medical coverage from time of enrollment in the plan (but no earlier than Aug. 1, 2024) through July 31, 2025. This policy remains in effect and no refund is provided even if the student withdraws or graduates from Hesston College prior to July 31, 2025. The cost of this plan for 2024-25 is $2,097.

Hesston College requires nursing students, international students and intercollegiate athletes to submit proof of health insurance coverage. If not covered under an individual or family health plan, the college requires that the student purchase the student health plan. Hesston College also requires intercollegiate athletes insured under the student health plan to share in the purchase of a supplemental/secondary athletic accident/injury policy that assists the athlete and families with expenses not covered by primary insurance.

Handbook 2024-25