Chatter in the nest

What is your favorite part of the new campus entry or Northlawn renovation?

Caleb Schrock-Hurst Caleb Schrock-Hurst ’16, Harrisonburg, Va.
I really like the fact that the Northlawn classroom (Mininger Classroom named in honor of Jim Ac61 and Virginia Mininger) gets the building connected to the whole student body, not just the music students like me.
Eleya Raim Eleya Raim ’16, Oxford, Iowa
Instead of walking in and feeling overwhelmed by all that I need to do, I step into Northlawn and feel refreshed by the beauty of the building and excited to make music in the acoustically beautiful rooms.
Olivia Copsey Olivia Copsey ’17, Goshen, Ind.
Although I was not here before Northlawn’s renovation, I really like the open space that the front windows provide. I see them as a way to not only let sunshine in, but music out. The windows show how music can travel out to the community, and I really like that architectural aspect.
Irinea Soetjoadi Irenea Soetjoadi ’16, Depok, Indonesia
Taking Music Theory I, Chamber Orchestra, Chorale and piano classes has given me many opportunities to use and explore Northlawn. My favorite part is the practice rooms because it’s relaxing to watch people walk by and leaves falling while I practice.
Adrienne Derstine Adrienne Derstine ’16, Harleysville, Pa.
I like the flower pots that add beauty to the front of the building.
Kevin Wilder Kevin Wilder, Psychology and Youth Ministry instructor
The Marion Bontrager Center for Campus Worship room and the new glass entry.
Michele Hershberger Michele (Schrock) ’81 Hershberger, Bible and ministry instructor
The green room because every theater department everywhere needs a green room and magical things happen in the green room.
Carlota Ponds Carlota Ponds, Alumni and Church Relations staff
People may not include this in their thinking about the renovation process, but I believe the carillon chimes are a campus enhancement that came along with the renovation. I only visit Northlawn a few times weekly and I usually walk to work, so I don’t often use the new campus entry, but I hear the chimes daily, even when I’m not on campus. People I speak with in the community – many of whom never come on campus – say they enjoy them also, so this improvement benefits the campus and the larger Hesston community.
Angie Brockmueller Angie (Martin) ’99 Brockmueller ’13, Assistant Registrar
I have enjoyed watching the baby grass come in to settle the beautiful new construction for good!
Andrea Schrag Andrea (Pankratz) ’11 Schrag, Admissions staff
I selfishly love the new entry parking lot because there’s always a place to park no matter how late you arrive. Also, I love the variety of spaces in Northlawn that Admissions can use for open houses and events.
Randy Toews Randy Toews, Campus Facilities staff
I think it’s great that the lower level of Northlawn is more opened up and that it’s actually being used again. It was always sad to see a great space like that just sit there unused. Now on the other hand, since this is one of the buildings I’m in charge of cleaning, the extra trash and cleaning has been something to adjust to. Well worth it for the students though!
Amy Birdsell Amy (Bachman) ’01 Birdsell, Aviation instructor
The super quiet practice rooms.
Forrest Miller Forrest Miller ’85, Campus Facilities staff
My favorite part of the renovations is the model of Green Gables in Northlawn. The building and parking lot are very nice but I love that model because it reminds me of when I was a student here!
Rachel Jantzi Rachel Jantzi, Theatre instructor
I appreciate the functionality of the whole Northlawn renovation, but I love that we now have more costume storage. Also, the new dressing rooms and green room were needed, and are a space the actors can really appreciate and call their own.
Jim Mason Jim Mason ’75, Director of Campus Facilities
It’s a building and entry that is super user-friendly and has a certain attractive curbside appeal to visitors and prospective students. Very functional, too! A major upgrade!
Jim Yoder Jim Yoder ’62, Science instructor
The carillon!
Stephanie Swartzendruber Stephanie Swartzendruber ’11, resident director
My favorite part about the new Northlawn is the quality of the practice rooms. Because the sound doesn’t bleed as much, my practice sessions are interruption-free!
Todd Lehman Todd Lehman, Campus pastor
I love the open feeling walking in the entrance to Northlawn and how connected the lower level feels to the main level.
Phyllis Weaver Phyllis (Miller) ’70 Weaver, Development officer
My favorite part of the new Northlawn/campus entry renovation is walking into Northlawn and feeling like there is plenty of space to mingle and to see how the light comes in, making the entire building seem larger and brighter. My second favorite is being able to find a fairly close parking space.
Joyce Huber Joyce Huber, Nursing instructor
I really like Northlawn’s new entrance and lobby. It feels much more welcoming.