Former faculty receive emeritus recognition

New Hesston College emeritus faculty members Heber Ramer, Maria Day, Nelson Kilmer, Art Mullet, Hugo Boschmann, John Blosser, Gerry Selzer and Dwight Roth. Not pictured are Marion Bontrager, Star Gipson, Lorna Harder, Dottie Beachy Hathaway.

During Homecoming Weekend, Sept. 25, 12 former faculty members were honored as new faculty emeritus at a celebration service and reception. Faculty members must meet three requirements to earn faculty emeritus status: have at least 15 years of service at Hesston College, be retired from teaching and be at least 60 years old. Those honored include:

  • John Blosser, Goshen, Ind., 1978-99
  • Marion Bontrager ’57, Hesston, 1973-2014
  • Hugo Boschmann, North Newton, Kan., 1978-2014
  • Maria Day, Hesston, Hesston, 1995-2015
  • Star Gipson, Hutchinson, Kan., 1975-96
  • Lorna Harder, Newton, Kan., 1983-86 and 1989-2014
  • Dottie Beachy Hathaway, Dalton, Ohio, 1977-95
  • Nelson Kilmer, Hesston, 1962-65 and 1970-2014
  • Art Mullet, Hesston, 1980-2011
  • Heber Ramer ’75, Harper, Kan., 1979-94
  • Dwight Roth, Hesston, 1973-2010
  • Gerry Selzer Ac63, ’65, Hesston, 1980-2015

Brent Yoder ’98, vice president of Academics, noted that the group represents 348 collective years of service.