Partners ponder: Why I am a Hesston College Partner

Dean Bachman, Hannah Bachman and Beth Gerig

We give to Hesston College as Partners because we feel good about what Hesston does to support the church and prepare students for life and service to the church and world.

My (Beth) own experience at Hesston was very positive. I had opportunities for leadership and involvement that I wouldn’t have had at many other places. My interterm experience with intentional community at Koinonia Farms and in Houston, Texas, was important to my spiritual development. I also received opportunities in theatre that helped me uncover and use my creativity because Hesston’s theatre program was not one with a lot of bells and whistles. That creativity prepared me to teach at schools that may not have many amenities as well, and for my job teaching speech and theatre at Princeton (Ill.) High School.

Having a child at Hesston and seeing it have an effect on another generation has reinvigorated our commitment to the college. Hannah (Bachman ’12) had a great two years. She had new experiences with traveling, leadership and in her Christian growth. Hesston has always been a positive, inviting environment that students deserve to experience.