Chatter out of the Nest

collage of yearbook photos of profiled alumni

Go Everywhere experiences of Hesston College young alumni

Andrew FroeseAndrew Froese ’05, La Junta, Colo.

Education after Hesston Goshen (Ind.) College – bachelor’s degree in accounting

Current job Certified Public Accountant at Hancock Froese & Company LLC

Notable professional experiences I previously worked in the audit department at Crowe Horwath, a top ten accounting firm. I am now member/owner of an accounting company specializing in audits and other attestation engagements.

What I enjoy most about my job is the chance to work with entities to help clean up their books so they can make informed, educated business decisions.

At Hesston I had the opportunity to visit numerous businesses of all sizes to see how they operate. I had smaller class sizes which allowed for deeper and more meaningful discussions. I also met other students with the same interests who not only became my friends, but have become valuable business resources.

My instructors were very influential in the career path I chose. I knew I wanted to do something in business and accounting, and instructors like Bill Mason and Vickie Andres helped me see that was a good decision for me. They provided hands-on experiences and the tools necessary to become business-minded.

Micah LoucksMicah Loucks ’06, Detroit, Mich.

Education after Hesston Goshen College – bachelor’s degree in business; working on a master’s in business from Wayne State University (Detroit)

Current job Innovation counselor for Michigan State University Product Center (East Lansing) working with small local food entrepreneurs to help further their businesses and passions

Notable professional experiences I served with Brethren Voluntary Service in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I started and developed a social enterprise called Root Soup that provided collaborative culinary job training for people transitioning out of homelessness and people with special needs. In my current job, I have consulted with more than 200 businesses, resulting in the creation of more than 35 jobs, $500,000 in additional revenue and $600,000 in additional funding in Metro Detroit. My current job allows me to assist small local food entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and improve the local economy.

In classes at Hesston I learned more than just facts, but was encouraged to develop critical thinking skills that allow me to listen to another person, ascertain needs and find solutions, which helps me as a consultant for small businesses that need these skills. Often, people are unable to see the problem that is preventing growth in their business, but by listening to their story, I am able to identify areas of weakness and help develop a plan to overcome these areas.

Ashley GoeringAshley (Young) ’07 Goering, Greeley, Colo.

Current job Author of Christian fiction

I love to write so writing stories is always enjoyable, but what I enjoy most about my job is watching the Lord use fiction to touch readers’ hearts in a real way. The first time I got an email from a reader saying they accepted Christ while reading one of my books is one of my favorite career moments. Knowing the Lord has used my books to help readers heal from emotional devastation is more than enough motivation to keep me writing. When you can do something you love, and it’s making a difference in the world – that’s when you know you have a great career!

At hesston, when I needed an extra credit hour one semester, I signed up for Kendra Burkey’s ’00 journalism class where I discovered my love of journalism, started writing for the local paper and was offered a full-time job. Less than a year later, I received a Kansas Press Association award for column writing among other awards.

Attending Hesston ended up being a key “right place at the right time” moment that gave me a great foundation for my professional experiences. Before I started writing Christian fiction, I was the editor of the Hesston Record and Moundridge Ledger newspapers, which really kick-started my career. I found a church where I was introduced to Jesus in a new way that helped my spiritual walk. That, and a good foundation in the Word through Bib Lit, was life-changing.

Ashley writes under the pen name Ann Goering. She is the author of seven Christian novels, including The Glendale Series, the Mothers of Glendale Series and her newest release, Up From the Ash Heap (2014, Covered Porch Publishing).

Angie GingerichAngie (Ross) ’10 Gingerich, Denver, Colo.

Education after Hesston Working on bachelor of nursing degree

Current job Labor and delivery nurse at Denver Health Medical Center, one of Colorado’s premiere healthcare institutions

What I enjoy most about my job is supporting laboring mothers, hearing a newborn’s first cry and watching moms and dads welcome their sweet baby with tears of joy. What I feel most honored to do is to help the parents who have to greet their babies with tears of sorrow. Most people think of labor and delivery as a wonderfully joyful place, and most of the time it is, but it’s the times when it is a sorrowful place that I am humbled to be a quiet, supportive part of the family’s experience.

One of the most influential people in my professional pursuits is Joyce Huber. She was always there cheering for me and my nursing peers. My favorite thing was to get the words “Cheers to you!” written on my assignments. Joyce was so good about supporting all of us and never missed the little things that make her an amazing nursing instructor.

To me, the Hesston Experience was priceless. I often dream of going back in time and reliving it all over again. I met some of my best friends in the world. Hesston shaped me as a person and helped prepare me for all that adult life has to offer. There isn’t a good word or way to describe what the Hesston Experience means. It’s a feeling you just have to experience for yourself. I’ve talked to other Hesston alumni about this conundrum. You can’t put a word to it – you just have to nod and agree with a twinkle in your eye that the two years you spent at Hesston were some of the best of your life.

Haruka SanoHaruka Sano ’10, Niiza City, Saitama, Japan

Current job Human relations staff for KYB Corporation, a global company specializing in hydraulics used in the aeronautical, automotive, construction and railway industries

What I enjoy most about my job is being in charge of graduate recruitment for the company, which means I present to university students about the company and how their particular techniques and knowledge would be valued within the company.

I am so glad I started at Hesston because there were so many nice people around me who were willing to help. I didn’t speak much English when I arrived at Hesston, but my instructors and friends were patient with me and helped me through. I think if I had gone to a big university, I would have been homesick and returned to Japan.

One of the most influential people in my education was Dave Osborne Ac64, ’66, who introduced me to Hesston and was a great resource for international students needing help or advice. I also want to be able to help university students who need guidance.

To me, the Hesston Experience means new life, new culture, new friends from all over the world – they are all my treasure. Hesston helped me grow up, broadened my horizons and prepared me for the real world.

Nathan SnyderNathan Snyder ’10, Greeley, Colo.

Education after Hesston Bethel College (North Newton, Kan.) – bachelor’s degree in music, University of Northern Colorado (Greeley) – master’s in music (May 2015)

Current job Apprentice artist at Opera Fort Collins (Colo.) and graduate assistant at UNC Opera Theatre

Notable professional experiences I have had the opportunity to perform many major operatic roles with various companies. I spent the summer of 2014 in Germany performing with Opera Classica Europa.

What I enjoy most about my job is the “sitz probe,” which is the first time the singers and the orchestra perform together. The different colors of the orchestral instruments creates a breathtaking experience for the performers and brings to light many important musical nuances that increase the drama of the opera.

At Hesston I, like many students, was not sure what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew that I wanted to do something with music. Hesston gave me a solid foundation to continue my musical pursuits, not only academically, but also emotionally. Through affirming instructors and supportive friends, Hesston gave me the confidence to pursue music as a career.

Heidi WiebeHeidi Wiebe ’10, Kidron, Ohio

Education after Hesston Bluffton (Ohio) University – bachelor’s degree in art education

Current job High school art teacher, librarian and tutor at Central Christian School

Notable professional experience Third grade teacher and middle school writing teacher at Hopi Mission School on the Hopi Native American Reservation in Kykotsmovi, Ariz.

What I enjoy most about my job is that it combines my three favorite things – serving God, relationships and art. It is such a blessing to work for an organization whose goal is to spread the good news of Jesus.

I am so glad I started at Hesston because Hesston’s small community provided opportunities to grow as a student, in my spiritual walk and build deep and meaningful relationships, all of which have played a role in my career. Art instructors helped me develop my own style and education courses provided opportunities for dialogue and a place for answers to my questions about being a teacher. Because of relationships I formed, I was able to travel to Haiti for my first cross cultural experience with support from the campus and broader community to raise the necessary funds. The experience helped broaden my worldview as well as prepare me for the plans God had for me to teach on the Hopi Reservation. Hesston also provided an atmosphere rooted in Anabaptist biblical views. It was a safe place for me to learn and grow, which has helped form my own personal mission in my career, and to have that same impact on my students.

Aaron JonesAaron Jones ’12, Kansas City, Mo.

Education after Hesston Missouri Western State University (St. Joseph) – bachelor’s degree in electronics and computer engineering technology (anticipated graduation December 2015)

Current job MWSU Instruction Media Center student technician

Notable professional experiences I have an internship lined up for summer 2015 with Black & Veatch, an engineering, procurement and construction service in energy, water and telecommunications in Kansas City.
I am pursuing engineering because of my love for problem solving and critical thinking. I love learning new things and since engineering is a rapidly evolving field, it is the perfect fit for me.

I am so glad I started at Hesston because it helped me mature and grow spiritually in my first years of college. At Hesston, I was placed around such wonderful and helpful people, which in turn made the process of maturing and finding spiritual growth a very smooth transition.

The Hesston Experience provided me with many close relationships and people to confide in. This was ideal and necessary because many college students are still discovering who they are. I believe there wasn’t a better place to make such a transition than one with people I trust and an environment I love so much.

Emily Wagner-DavisEmily Wagner-Davis ’12, Little Rock, Ark.

Education after Hesston Stephens College (Columbia, Mo.) – bachelor’s degree in fashion marketing and management

Current job Assistant buyer for branded sleepwear at Dillard’s

Notable professional experiences Participating in a market trip to observe industry procedures; winning an award for best business plan; volunteering at a fair trade boutique to gain industry experience; getting a job in my industry right out of college.

What I enjoy most about my job is learning from the people around me. Most of the time, our projects have multiple steps so more than one person is involved. It is so important to communicate well and work together in order to get projects done.

I am so glad I started at Hesston because it gave me a great foundation for continuing my education. I learned time management skills, responsibility for myself and my work and how to care for others. Each day is not just about ourselves or what we accomplish, but it is about coming together and working for the greater good.

To me, the Hesston Experience means learning how to live and interact with people who are different from you. This means more than just personalities, but cultures, traditions and backgrounds as well. Hesston brings different people and ideas together, and each person is able to learn from the other.