Partners Ponder: Why I am a Hesston College Partner

Drew and Kara Ebersole

Our Hesston College experience was a very formational time for us, both individually and as a couple. Through a variety of classes, athletic programs and student life, Hesston challenged us and developed us in many ways. The faculty and staff are dedicated to the student body and truly care about the personal success of each student. During our time at Hesston, our values and beliefs were challenged and strengthened. Hesston College provided us with the foundation we needed to live out our faith authentically when we entered the world.

Our experience also provided us with the opportunity to develop strong lifelong relationships and friendships. Hesston College is a unique place where we were able to meet people from all walks of life and develop relationships that will last a lifetime. The relationships we developed at Hesston College are extremely valuable.

We’ve decided to give back to Hesston as Partners because we believe every student should have an opportunity to experience what we did. Our Hesston College years were some of the best of our lives and we have a strong desire to see other young adults have the same opportunity.