General Studies

(A.A. or A.G.S. degree)

(Serves the needs of many general and pre-professional programs as well as the deciding student)

First Year Fall Recommended courses
First-Year Seminar
College Writing I
social science course
natural science or Spanish course
Career Development
exploratory courses (see below)

Spring Recommended courses
College Writing II
Biblical Literature
Lifetime Fitness and Wellness
humanities or responsibility course
exploratory course

Second Year Fall Recommended courses
Speech Communication
second natural science course
second social science course
humanities or responsibility course
introductory course in field of interest

Spring Recommended courses
mathematics course
second humanities course
integration course
electives in field of interest
co-op in field of interest

Other Recommended courses: Spanish, second year Cooperative Education in field of interest
Exploratory Courses: Introduction to Aviation; Introduction to Design; Introduction to Graphic Design; Exploring Business; Networking Technologies; Introduction to Disaster Response; Introduction to Early Childhood Education; Introduction to Education; Introduction to Health, Physical Education and Recreation; Introduction to Exercise Science; Personal Training; Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries; Introduction to Social Welfare; Conflict Resolution; activity courses in music, drama or physical education.

Catalog 2015-16