Learning the Bible in life-giving ways: History, hooks and Heilsgeschichte

For more than 20 years, Hesston College’s famous “Bib. Lit.” course has been grounding students in a knowledge of the Bible story. This unique course is the only class required of every student at Hesston; it is Hesston’s trademark. In walking through the whole Bible story, it seeks to answer the question, “How has God worked in history to solve the sin problem and bring everything under the Lordship of Jesus Christ?”

In this centennial year at Hesston College, you can experience a weekend version of Bib. Lit. for yourself. Join us at the 2009 Anabaptist Vision and Discipleship Conference as we encounter the greatest story ever told and see ourselves in that story.

AVDS 09 speakers—Hesston faculty members Marion Bontrager (creator of “Introduction to Biblical Literature” in 1986) and Michele Hershberger are joined by Ted Swartz of Ted & Company TheaterWorks, co-developer of plays such as Armadillo Shorts, Fish-Eyes, Creation Chronicles, DoveTale and the recent What Would Lloyd Do?.