Q and A

Is what I report confidential?

We will take measures to respect the privacy of all parties involved in a report. We cannot commit to complete confidentiality of any report, but will not disseminate information unless there is a pre-determined need-to-know. To ensure a thorough investigation is conducted, a responding party will be told the name of the reporter, and witnesses may be told the names of parties involved.

Will you tell my parents?

We will only inform parents if there is a life-threatening situation or if you have signed a FERPA release to tell your parents. Otherwise, the information provided to your parents will not come from the college.

Will the responding party know my identity?

Yes. To ensure a thorough formal investigation is conducted, a responding party will be told the name of the reporter, and witnesses may be told the names of parties involved. The responding party has a right to know the identity of the reporting party.

Do I have to tell you the name of the responding party?

If you want the college to conduct an informal or formal investigation the name of the responding party must be provided. If the name is not provided, it will limit the college’s ability to respond to your concern.

What should I do if I am accused of sexual misconduct?

Do not contact the reporting party. You may want to immediately contact someone that can serve as a support for you, or you can look through our list of college support persons and contact one to speak with. You may also contact the Title IX Coordinator who can walk you through the procedures of an investigation. You may also want to talk with a counselor or the campus pastor.

Do you provide me legal advice?

No. You are welcome to seek legal advice on your own but this is not a cost or service covered by the college.

What should I do to preserve evidence of a sexual assault?

If you were physically assaulted, get to safe place and call 911 or get medical attention at the nearest hospital or emergency room. Please do not bathe or shower as doctors can collect vital evidence and aid in treating your injuries. Take a change of clothing, to include shoes, as they may want to keep these items for evidence. If there is additional evidence (i.e. towels, bedsheets, etc.) please do not wash but provide to the proper authorities.

I was using drugs or alcohol at the time I was sexually assaulted. How does that effect the impact of my report?

Your safety and the safety of our students is our primary concern. Hesston College recognizes that students who have been drinking and/or using drugs (whether such use is voluntary or involuntary) at the time a sexual misconduct incident occurs may be hesitant to report such incidents due to fear of potential consequences for their own conduct. Hesston College strongly encourages students to report incidents of sexual misconduct to campus officials. A bystander reporting in good faith or a victim/survivor reporting sexual misconduct to HC officials or law enforcement will not be subject to conduct action for community standard violations of alcohol and/or drug use policies occurring at or near the time of the sexual misconduct.

What options are available for me during the investigation?

Our goal is to keep you safe on campus and to ensure you are able to continue your education. To aid in this we can provide several interim measures to ensure your safety. Options may include:

  • Dorm relocation
  • Class schedule changes
  • Assistance in rescheduling academic assignments
  • Alternative course completion options
  • Escorts to and from specific campus location
  • On or off-campus counseling assistance
  • Other adjustments for safety as necessary

Please contact the Title IX Coordinator to discuss your options further.