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File a report

If you would like to file a report related to sexual misconduct, you can do so through the following means:

  1. Title IX Coordinator – The current Title IX Coordinator is Monica Miller, 2nd Floor Alliman Administrative Building, 301 S Main, Hesston, KS 67062. You are welcome to go and see her in person or contact her at and 620-327-8265.
  2. Online Report – This report will go straight to the Title IX Coordinator. The form will ask you for your name, but this is an optional field that you can leave blank.
  3. Anonymous Reporting – Use the online reporting tool. This report will go straight to the Title IX Coordinator. Please leave the name field blank if you wish to remain anonymous.

We encourage you to share as much detail as you can about the reported situation. The college may be limited in its ability to respond to an anonymous report, or a report containing limited information.

If you have any questions about whether you should file a report, you are welcome to speak with our Title IX Coordinator, Monica Miller, or a non-mandatory reporter.