Horsey Back Tag

Type: Tag game/Activity Strenous

Group Size: 10-20

Equipment: Masking tape


  1. This is wild game that should be played on a grassy area. Each team is made up of a horse and a rider.
  2. The rider mounts the horse standing on two feet by jumping on the back of the horse with arms around the horse’s neck.
  3. Each rider has a piece of masking tape placed on their back by the leader so that it is easily seen and reached.
  4. When the signal” mount up” is given, the riders mount their horse and attempt to round up the tape on the other riders’ backs. The rider left with tape on their back wins.
  5. Only the rider may take the tape off other riders: the horses are just horses.
  6. If a horse falls, than that horse and rider are out of the game.


  • circle the tape when you put it on the back to make it easier to take off.
  • Make the boundaries smaller so there is not as much room.
  • The people that are out can stand on the line and try to take off the tape.
  • For safety have all the horses walking instead of running around.