Catch the Dragon’s Tail

Type: Active game

Group Size:  for bigger groups. 20 and up.

Equipment: Handkerchief for each dragon , cones for the boundaries.


  1. Split into two teams and then have the teams get in a single file line. Larger groups can split into teams of 6 or higher.
  2. Have each team put their arms around the persons waist in front of them. You are going to form a train.
  3. The person in the rear puts the handkerchief in they back pocket or puts in down their pants so that the handkerchief hanging out.
  4. The object of the game is for each dragon to move as one unit towards another dragon. They will try to catch the opposing teams handkerchief. They must do this without breaking the chain of people. Only the leader of the dragon may catch the handkerchief.
  5. When they catch the dragon’s handkerchief, they link up with the other dragon and continue to pursue other dragon’s, while protecting their own tail.

Hints: Instead of putting arms around waste hold hands it makes it easier. 

Critique: Make rule that you can’t try to break other person’s chain if you do your group is disqualified. Have a bigger area to play the game. A good warmup is to have each dragon try to capture it’s own tail.