Everybody’s It

Game/Activity Type: Active/Strenuous

Group Size: 10-50 Large Group game

Equipment: Cones to mark off a boundary or use a field with boundaries that will accommodate your group so they have room to run.


  1. Set a boundary that every one has to stay in, but large enough to have room to run. This is a tag game where everyone is it.
  2. To tag someone out you have to tag them before they tag you. If you are tug you have to sit down. If two people tag each other at the same time they are both out.
  3. The game is over when one or no body is up.


  • To make it harder to tag someone you need to touch them with two hands.
  • The people that are tug can sit down and tag with their hands.
  • You could have everyone tag with there non-dominant hand.
  • For safety no diving on the floor and you can only tag from the shoulders down.