Elbow Tag

Type: Tag

Group Size Needed: 14 – 40+

Equipment: None


  1. Everyone pairs up and locks elbows.
  2. Two people are chosen (one the tagger and one the taggee).
  3. When tagged, the two change roles.
  4. The person fleeing is “safe” when he/she locks elbows with one of the pairs who are standing in a linked position.
  5. At this time, the person on the opposite end of three that are now linked, must flee. They will now be chased by the tagger.


  • Do not allow the person to link up with the same pair he/she left from.
  • If the tagger struggles to catch someone, allow them to link up with a group to free a new tagger.
  • Caution people to make sure the person fleeing has linked up with their group. Often times this can be confusing. If need be penalize the person for leaving early (ex. They become the tagger).


  • Definitely a younger person game.
  • In a large group, one could add more than one tagger/taggee group. They must chase the same person.