Chinese Freeze Tag

Type: Very Active

Group Size: 10-12 people

Equipment: No equipment. Just make boundaries. Use about the size of half a volleyball court for this amount of people for your boundaries.


  1. Make one person be the tagger.
  2. Object is for the one person to tag everybody else.
  3. If you get tagged, you stay standing at the point of when you got tagged. Keep your legs spread open and wide so that the other people who haven’t gotten tagged can crawl under your legs.
  4. Once a person has crawled under your legs, you are untagged and are free to run around.
  5. The person who is the tagger needs to tag everyone for the game to be over.


  • Make smart decisions in where you’re running.
  • Keep yourselves spread out.
  • Have fun.


  1. Maybe have two people be it at one time to make it just a little easier.
  2. Possibly have the participants walk instead of run.
  3. Make boundaries even smaller.