Screamer Streamer

Type: Relay

Group Size: 20+, Works well with 100+


  • Marker cones
  • One 4 x 12 thick cardboard holder
  • 10 – clothespins with 6 – 8 foot streamers attached


  1. Divide teams into groups of ten and line up single file.
  2. Give each group a cardboard holder with 10 clothespins attached onto one end.
  3. Place a team member (or a group sponsor) at a cone 15-20 yards away. This person should have the cardboard clothespins holder.
  4. On go, the first person in line runs to the person at the cone. The person at the cone places a clothespin/streamer on the runners back.
  5. The runner runs back to their line. The rule is.if you have a streamer on your back you must scream.
  6. When they first runner returns to the line, anyone from the line can take the clothespin off the first runners back and place it on to the second persons back.
  7. The second runner then runs screaming to the person at the cone. The person at the cone places the second clothespin/streamer on to the runner’s back. They should now have two clothespins attached to their back.
  8. The second then runs back to the line with two clothespins/streamers attached to their back. They must also scream on the way back.
  9. The process continues until the last streamer is attached onto the runner’s back. The runner runs back to the group, screaming with 10 streamers attached. When they cross the “line” their team picks them up and carries them back to the person at the cone.
  10. The game is complete, and a winner declared when all of the ten clothespins are pinned back onto the cardboard.

           xxxxxxxx|                        CP

           xxxxxxxx|                        CP

           xxxxxxxx|                        CP

           xxxxxxx = single file lines
           f = group facilitator (helper)
           CP= person at cone


  • Use sturdy clothespins and securely fasten streamers on.
  • Lightweight plastic streamers are more durable than crate paper streamers.
  • A team facilitator helping pin and unpin clothespins at the starting line is helpful. They can also encourage people to get involved
  • Caution group to be careful while carrying person to the cone.
  • Encourage screaming.


  • This is a fun game to watch. Best if one views from the side of this activity
  • Better with multiple lines and many people. It loses something in smaller groups.

by or adapted by Jen LeFevre