Chicken in a Frying Pan

Type: Relay

Group Size: 10 or 20

Equipment: 2 rubber chickens, 2 frying pans(Frisbees also work well), 4 wood rods


  1. divide the group in two teams
  2. set the frying pan to a reasonable distance away
  3. the first person on each team has the rods in hands
  4. each person from the team uses the rods to pick the chicken up
  5. hold the chicken with the rods and drop it into the frying pan
  6. run back and give the rods to the next person
  7. next person runs, take the chicken with the rods and bring it back
  8. all team members rotate until the last brings the chicken back
  9. the first team to complete the rotation is the winner


  • remember; the first person takes the chicken to the fry pan, leaves the chicken and just brings the wood rods to the next person
  • next person in line must be ready to take the rods