Extreme Relay

Type of Game: Relay

Group Size: Works best with a larger group. (20-30)

Equipment: You will need strips of paper to write the task for the children to do and then you will need different things depending on the tasks that you choose for them to perform.


  1. Split the children up into several groups depending on the number of children that you have.
  2. Line the different groups up on a line and make sure that the different groups are spread out.
  3. Tell them at this time the object of the game, which is to run, out and grab a strip of paper and they are to perform the task that is on the strip of paper.
  4. Once they have completed the task they are to run back and tag the next person in line.
  5. Finally, the group, which is done the fasted and completed all of their task, wins the relay.


  • Be very creative on the different task that you have for the group to do. The more creative the better.
  • Make sure that you explain the rules very well at the beginning.
  • Try to keep tasks short at possible otherwise the activity will slow down. (See Critique below)


  • Think of a way to get more people involved in the activity because there tend to be too many people standing and just waiting until it is their turn. Ex. Can you three people run to the bag and perform a task.
  • Have a leader for each group pick the slip of paper. Have on the paper how many people are needed to perform the task. They yell to the group how many people they need, that number then run to the bag and perform the task.
  • Have them line up in single file for that everyone gets a chance to go. Some people may end up going twice or even three times.