Hoop Me Rhonda

Hoop Me Rhonda game photo

Type: Relay

Size: 20+, Works well with 100+ people

Equipment: Flat marker cones (2 per team), Hula Hoops (one for each team), Gunny sacks


  1. Position people into even teams of 10 or more.
  2. Instruct teams to line up in single file lines with first person “toeing the line”
  3. Place marker cones 20 yards away from first person.
  4. Place another gunny sack 10 feet beyond this cone.
  5. Instruct the last person in the line to walk to the gunny sack and stand on the sack. They should face their team.
  6. Give the first person in line one hula hoop.
  7. On “go”, the first person in line is to roll the hula hoop on the ground to their cone (20 yards away).
  8. When they reach their cone they can stop and pick up the hula hoop.
  9. This person then tosses the hula hoop, attempting to “ring” their player who is on the gunny sack.
  10. The player on the gunny sack raises their arms above their head like and arrow and attempts to have the hoop pass over their head and down to their feet.
  11. This player must stay on the gunny sack.
  12. Once they have been “hooped” they pick up the hoop and roll it back to their team. The person to tossed the hoop now stands on the gunny sack, waiting to get “hooped”.
  13. Upon returning to the line, the next person in line takes the hoop and returns to the cone and attempts to “hoop” their team member.
  14. This process continues until the entire group has gone and they end up in the exact order as they started the game.

xxxxxxxxx|            C     GS

xxxxxxxxx|            C     GS

xxxxxxxxx|            C     GS

x = single file line
C = cone
GS = gunny sack


  • Larger groups (100+) would benefits by having facilitators assisting each team.
  • Adjust the distances according to abilities of the group.
  • It is possible to do the activity and keep the person on the gunny sack stationary. After being “hooped” they would need to toss or roll the hoop back to the person.


  • This works well as a backyard block party game as well as a campus mixer. I have had as many as 350 people doing this.
  • This relay game allows more than one person at a time to be active.
  • For added fun, play “Help me Rhonda” by the Beach Boys over the loud speaker.
  • This game is as much fun to watch as it is to play.

by or adapted by Jen LeFevre