Type: Teamwork, Relay

Group Size: 5-30

Equipment: tennis ball, softball, balloon


  1. Split up into two groups.
  2. Have the players sit side by side in a line.
  3. The first person in the line will get the ball and the team can only use their feet to pass from player to player.
  4. If the ball is dropped by players, then they have to pick up the ball with their feet and continue passing.
  5. When the ball gets to the end of the line, the game is over.


  • If the players are having too easy of a time with passing the ball, tell them if they drop it they have to start all over.


  • This game would have probably worked better, or been more interesting if I would have brought 3 different sized balls and started with the biggest and worked down to the small ball.
  • Also I could have set a rule that you couldn’t drop the ball into the next player’s feet, but you had to pass it to make it a little bit harder. Another thing that I could have done was to only have one group and time them and make it a challenge to get a certain time or beat their own time.