Hesston College student playing piano

It’s the promise Hesston College makes to each student. Teachers, nurses, engineers, pilots and musicians alike are prepared for their next steps in life. Hesston College student musicians are part of a long tradition of excellence in performing arts.

Quality pianos are the foundation of a successful music program. Nearly every student involved in music at Hesston College relies on the accompaniment of a piano at some point in their time here. More than 50 students were involved in private lessons in 2011-12. Combine that usage with the wear and tear of countless performances, late-night practice sessions and 30 years of delayed maintenance or replacement, and the need is great for funds to replace or refurbish all pianos on the Hesston College campus.

Hesston College needs funds to:

  • Rebuild a 1968 Steinway Model B in the piano instructor’s studio
  • Refurbish a 1967 Steinway Model M in the voice studio
  • Purchase a refurbished Mason & Hamlin Model AA 6’4″ grand piano
  • Purchase three new upright pianos for practice rooms
  • Repair other upright pianos on campus

Quality pianos are the foundation of a successful music program.

Hesston College Music at a glance

  • Performance ensembles include Bel Canto Singers, Hesston College Chorale, Concert Band, Pep Band and European Chorale
  • Program has expanded in last 10 years with the addition of instrumental music
  • Number of private lessons offered in a semester has doubled in the last 10 years
  • Personalized approach to skill development empowers students to engage aesthetic, analytical and cultural dimensions of the arts as a means to gain heightened understandings of self, faith, community and the world
    On average, between 70 and 90 students are involved in music at Hesston College per semester
  • Music faculty bring a combined 49 years of experience in teaching vocal and instrumental music
  • Bel Canto Singers invited to perform alongside with Wichita (Kan.) Grand Opera in spring 2011
  • Bel Canto Singers to perform at Carnegie Hall in May 2013
  • Annual performance tours allow students to travel and perform across the United States

Ken Rodgers piano lesson“Quality pianos are essential for music students to develop their full potential as musicians. By giving to this campaign, you invest in the future of the Hesston College music program and join us in supporting our talented students.” – Ken Rodgers ’85, Hesston College Music Faculty