Posters on Campus Policy


The following guidelines govern the hanging of posters and flyers around campus.


The Student Life office must approve and stamp all posters and flyers prepared by students and student organizations before posting occurs on campus.


  • The name of the student/s or student organization must be clearly indicated on the poster or flyer.
  • Posters/flyers shall be affixed with masking tape or with thumb tacks on departmental or college bulletin boards and the public bulletin boards. Any materials (staples, glue, nails, cellophane tape, etc.) which could cause damage shall not be used to affix posters/flyers to surfaces.
  • A fine may be assessed against the student/s or student organization placing or displaying the poster/flyer for any repairs or clean-up charges associated with damage to facilities.
  • Use of Hesston College marks and logos requires prior approval by the Marketing and Communications office.

Posters/flyers may not be placed on the following: building’s doors; windows; fire alarm boxes and emergency equipment; trash receptacles; elevator interiors; sidewalks; light or electrical fixtures including utility poles; trees; automobiles or other vehicles; sculpture or other outdoor artwork; entry, directional, informational or traffic signs; pillars; and other similar surfaces.

  • Only one poster or flyer regarding any one event is allowed on each bulletin board.
  • Only three posters or flyers regarding any one event may be placed in each area, corridor, hallway or room.
  • When posting on exterior walls, posters and flyers must be placed two or more feet from all doorways.
  • Posters and flyers may not be placed on top of any existing materials on the college’s bulletin boards or walls.

All posters and flyers must be in good taste. Poor taste includes, but is not limited to:

  • sexually explicit pictures or photographs of any persons without clothing
  • statements, symbols, depictions or references to alcohol or drugs, foul language
  • and any other offensive or vulgar material.

Posters and flyers are prohibited that display fighting words, true threats, obscenity, false advertising, defamation, invasion of privacy, unlawful harassment or that violate Hesston College’s policies, rules or codes of conduct.

The posting organization, department or individual is responsible for removing all posters and flyers within 24 hours of the conclusion of the publicized event. In the event that a poster is not linked to a specific dated event, the poster can be displayed for up to 14 calendar days.

Students, faculty and staff should not remove posters or flyers from campus unless the publicized event has already occurred or the poster is in clear violation of any of the aforementioned regulations.

Posters/flyers not posted in accordance with this policy will be removed by college employees.

Student Handbook 2023-24