Medical Withdrawal


Students at Hesston College may request a medical withdrawal from the college due to medical conditions or circumstances which significantly impair their ability to function in class and/or for other college-sanctioned activities. These conditions or circumstances may include symptoms due to an ongoing medical problem, serious injury, extreme illness or an extended hospital stay.

A medical withdrawal is a complete withdrawal from all classes and the student’s transcript will reflect the notation WM. No partial withdrawals will be granted. However, if the student has completed any 8-week courses at the time of the medical withdrawal, the student will be given grades for those courses.

Re-enrollment to Hesston College

In all cases of a medical withdrawal, the student ultimately makes the decision to withdraw from the college. Such a decision may be reached with the encouragement or the assistance of college officials. When necessary, a plan for re-enrollment may be established at the time of withdrawal.

A student may re-enroll following a medical withdrawal provided they satisfy all re-enrollment criteria to return to the college, including any plans made for re-enrollment at the time of the medical withdrawal. In certain cases, medical documentation verifying that the student is cleared to return to their academic studies may be required.

Medical Withdrawal Process

To request a medical withdrawal, the student must submit a written request to the academic dean before the last day of the current enrollment period. The request will include documentation (as described below) of the medical condition or circumstance. Once these materials have been submitted, the student must complete the withdrawal form found on my.Hesston. Upon receipt of the completed form and approval from the academic dean, the registrar will process the withdrawal. Please note that a student shall be considered enrolled until notification is received. A medical withdrawal will be granted only for the current semester and will not be granted retroactively.

Medical Documentation

In order to be considered for a medical withdrawal, the student must submit documentation of the medical condition or circumstance from a qualified medical professional. This documentation must include a) the credentials of the medical professional and their contact information; b) a description of the medical condition or circumstance; and c) support from the medical professional for withdrawal from the college due to the condition or circumstance. Any documentation of an ongoing medical condition already on file in the college’s Disability Services Office will also be taken into consideration. If the student is unable to initiate this process, a parent, spouse or other designee may contact the academic dean on their behalf.

International Students

In the event that an international student needs to request a medical withdrawal, the student should contact the director of international admissions prior to making the request to determine what effect, if any, a medical withdrawal would have on their visa status.

Handbook 2024-25