Behavior/Civility in the Academic Environment

Hesston College is committed to providing an educational environment that is respectful of all and free from harassment and hostility, where all members of the community may enjoy academic freedom in their quests for knowledge.

While Hesston College encourages expression of ideas and convictions, these must be shared in a manner that is in accordance with the values of the college; in other words, civil conduct is expected in all academic settings. In order to maintain a classroom environment conducive to learning, students and faculty will:

  • Treat each other with dignity and consideration
  • Speak in a tone of voice that is appropriate for the situation
  • Respect others’ rights to express their views, even if you disagree
  • Manage conflict in a respectful, non-confrontational manner

Incivility encompasses many negative behaviors, such as unprofessionalism or rudeness; shouting or swearing; intimidation or bullying; threatening comments or actions; unsolicited or unwelcome conduct, comments (oral or written, including online), gestures or actions which cause offense, humiliation, physical or emotional harm to any individual. Incivility conduct may be subtle or overt, and can be intended or unintended.

Incivility conduct will negatively affect all in the classroom and will not be tolerated. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Profane, abusive, aggressive or violent language or actions directed at another individual
  • Humiliating, degrading, belittling, frightening or intimidating another person, whether verbally, written or online
  • Distributing comments to or about an individual which are unjustified and will have a negative impact on the individual if they were exposed to them, whether written, verbal or online
  • Shouting
  • Throwing objects or slamming doors
  • Telling inappropriate jokes or stories

Faculty are encouraged to attempt to resolve behavioral issues by addressing them promptly. This may involve asking the student to cease the offensive behavior, leaving the academic setting, or meeting with the student after class to discuss the issue. Should the issue remain unresolved, or if any individual believes that they were treated in an uncivil manner in any academic setting, the incident should be reported to the academic dean for further inquiry.

Individuals who fail repeatedly to uphold the standards of respect in any academic setting are subject to disciplinary action, which may include an administrative course withdrawal or dismissal from the college. Disciplinary actions will be determined by the professor of the class and the academic dean.

Handbook 2024-25