Section 504 Grievance Procedures

The following policies and procedures are established in order to assist in the fair resolution of student grievances.

1. Definitions

a claim by a Hesston College student that a violation of Title IX or Section 504 regulations has occurred involving sex discrimination or discrimination on the basis of disability
the person making the claim

2. Procedures

A grievance must be officially filed in writing within two weeks of the event with a description of the circumstance and an explanation of why it was deemed discriminatory. Each subsequent step must occur within the specified time unless there is a mutually agreed upon extension. After the specified time,

  1. if the grievant has not pursued the matter, the grievance will be deemed to be settled.
  2. if the supervisor or committee has not responded, the grievant may proceed to the next level in the process.

Level One – After the occurrence of the event which is the basis of the grievance, the grievant shall within one week make an appointment with and discuss the grievance with his or her resident director or the vice president of Student Development. Every effort will be made to resolve the matter at this informal level. The resident director or the vice president of Student Development must respond to the grievant within one week of the appointment.

Level Two – If the grievant is not satisfied with the outcome of Level One, he or she may, within one week after the completion of Level One, submit the written statement to the Student Development Council by way of the dean of students.

The committee must respond within two weeks of receiving the written statement. During this time, the council may engage in fact finding and consultation to determine the appropriate response.

Level Three – If the grievant is not satisfied with the outcome of Level Two, he or she may within one week after completion of Level Two submit the written grievance to the Title IX and Section 504 coordinator or the disabilities services coordinator who will chair a three person Grievance Committee composed of Hesston College employees appointed by the president for the sake of reviewing the case. The Grievance Committee shall consider all relevant evidence and may request individuals to testify before the committee. Within three weeks of receipt of the written statement, the Grievance Committee shall determine what action, if any, should be taken to resolve the grievance. The decision of this committee will be final and will be given in writing to the grievant.

Handbook 2017-18