2018-19 Hesston College theatre season

Hesston College is a great place to get involved in theatre. Our smaller size ensures one-on-one attention and a genuine relationship formed with the students. We care about you as a person. Also, there are many more opportunities for you as a freshman and sophomore that might not be available at a four year school.

If you are interested in theatre as a major, Hesston is the perfect place to begin your education because of the experience you’ll receive here. Freshmen and sophomores get all the roles! Students have ample opportunities to perform on stage or help behind the scenes at Hesston College. The theatre department produces four shows each school year in addition to several other performance venues that arise including chapels, worship services, special college functions, and miscellaneous community events. Students with special interests (i.e. improv, dance, mime, church drama) are encouraged and supported in their endeavors.

Many students who participate in our theatre program are not theatre majors. Some enjoyed participating in high school and want to continue on in college. Some have never participated before but have always wanted to try it. Others consider it to be their niche and audition for every show. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, we have room for you in our program and will prepare you for whatever comes next.

At Hesston College, we believe that

  • Creativity and talent should be nurtured by positive and driven faculty and staff who recognize the potential in every individual.
  • Students should be given hands-on, professional experiences with individual instruction.
  • Theatre is not contained on the stage but can be utilized in every profession and classroom.
  • Theatre is a gift and that the talents and skills of each of us were given by God so that we might use them to better understand and appreciate God’s creation.

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Recent Hesston College Productions: And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson, A Year with Frog and Toad, Fools, Working and These Shining Lives.

Theatre Scholarships

Theatre scholarships are granted through an audition process. If you wish to audition, please contact the Director of Theatre, Rachel Jantzi or visit our Theatre Scholarships page.


What about my future education plans?

Hesston’s courses are designed to ensure your success in upper-level classes at the college or university of your choice. After two years at Hesston, you will have earned an associate of arts degree and completed 60 college credit hours. Your Hesston education will serve as a solid base for many four-year programs at colleges and universities around the country. At Hesston there are no teaching assistants, only highly-trained professors who devote all of their time and energy to first and second-year students. You have an advantage at Hesston, because our only focus is you!

What makes Hesston College unique?

The campus community. Here professors and staff are focused on teaching and relating to college students in their first two years of study. We view students as whole beings with beliefs and feelings as well as intellect, and we view all aspects of the college experience as significant: classroom, dormitory, activities and religious life. Above all, we believe that the atmosphere in which learning occurs is as important as what one learns. With students from 28 states and more than 11 countries, Hesston College creates a diverse learning environment ideal for growth.

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