Graduates reunite after 38 years

In May 2010, Tim Detweiler, Dan Diener, Alvaro Fernandez, Nick King and Steve Ramer, all 1972 graduates, met at Crooked Creek Christian Camp in Washington, Iowa, for a weekend of reminiscing, personal sharing, worship and celebration.

In June of 1972, about 10 days after their graduation from Hesston, the five left in a 1967 Ford van for Mennonite World Conference in Curitiba, Brazil. The trip lasted seven months and covered 30,000 miles and 16 countries as the men visited Mennonites across Latin America, deepened their individual beliefs and faith, and learned first-hand about interpersonal relationships and conflict management.

Their reunion in May was the first time they had all been together in 38 years. They credit the trip and lifelong friendship to Hesston College for providing a safe place to explore their faith development.