Transfer and Advanced Placement

Hesston College recognizes the value of college courses you may have taken elsewhere or exams you may have completed that merit college credit. Ask to have the official records of these experiences sent to the Registrar’s Office at Hesston for review.

Do courses I’ve taken at other colleges transfer to Hesston?

Yes, previous work can be applied to your degree at Hesston if:

  • the course was taken at an accredited college or university,
  • the course was college-level (not developmental in nature like a basic writing or basic math),
  • you earned at least a C in the course,
  • the course satisfies a requirement in your program of study at Hesston,
  • the course is not a repeat of work you may have already taken at Hesston or elsewhere.

As a part of your admission requirement, you were asked to submit official transcripts of all previous college work. The transcripts are evaluated by the registrar and sometimes by other departments. An evaluation of your work is available through myHesston. The evaluation indicates which courses are acceptable and how they will apply to your anticipated degree at Hesston. If you complete work at other colleges while you are a student at Hesston, be sure to have a transcript of that work sent to the registrar at Hesston.

Can I get credit for AP or other exams?

Hesston grants credit for AP, International Baccalaureate (IB) and CLEP exams. For AP exams, a score of 3, 4 or 5 is required. For IB, a score of 4 or above is needed for a higher-level exam, and a score of 5 or above for a lower-level exam. For CLEP, scores equivalent to a C are needed. A maximum of 12 CLEP credits may be applied toward your degree.

Can I get credit for church voluntary service, Youth Evangelism Service (YES) or other church programs?

Yes, Hesston grants credit for voluntary service, but the student must make arrangements before beginning the service experience. The student must contact the registrar who assigns a faculty member to oversee the student’s experience. The faculty member will verify that all requirements have been met to earn service credit.

Can I get credit for life experiences?

Credit-by-exam can be used to demonstrate that you have mastered the content that is included in a particular course. In some cases credit is not awarded, but you may be allowed to bypass lower level courses.