Academic Advising

Academic advising is a system of one-to-one relationships between students and instructors. The system provides each student with one faculty member to whom he or she can go for assistance with academic planning, registration, grades and transfer information.

How did I get an advisor?

Your advisor is assigned according to your choice of program of study and other information you provided on your application. If you have chosen a major, your advisor will be an instructor in that program. If you are deciding on a major or planning a four-year transfer, your advisor is one of several instructors who work well with students who are interested in general studies.

What can my advisor help me with?

Your advisor is prepared to help you:

  • understand academic requirements and expectations,
  • define and develop realistic goals for yourself,
  • plan a program of study that is consistent with your abilities, interests and any transfer desires,
  • create a course schedule each semester,
  • answer questions and locate helpful campus resources,
  • monitor and interpret your academic progress.

When do I meet with my advisor?

Students in their first semester will meet with their advisor at Opening Weekend activities and then connect weekly during the beginning weeks of the semester. Other recommended meeting times include:

  • at the beginning of fall semester to review your course selections,
  • at midterm of fall semester to review midterm grades and academic progress,
  • late in fall semester to confirm your spring semester registration,
  • at midterm of spring semester to review midterm grades and academic progress,
  • for continuing students, in late March to plan your schedule for the following year.

The registrar may send you a note asking you to see your advisor. At other times your advisor may contact you, asking you to stop by his or her office to take care of some business. There is always an important reason why you have been contacted. Please respond immediately to such requests.

You don’t need to wait for an invitation. Advisors appreciate frequent contacts with you. Be courteous. Respect their posted office hours and make an appointment. But do it as often as you wish.

Do I keep the same advisor both years at Hesston?

Yes, you may—and the majority of students do. But if you change your program of study, or if for some other reason you are uncomfortable with your current advising arrangement, contact the director of advising to discuss your concerns. It may be appropriate to select a different instructor to serve as your advisor.