Midterm and Final Exams

Most instructors schedule exams at midterm and at the end of term. Midterm exams are administered at the regular class meeting time. The final week of each term, however, is scheduled differently.

What is finals week like?

Reading Day is held between the last day of classes and the first full day of final exams. Only evening classes meet on Reading Day and the final exam is given at the time. On the following three days, all daytime classes are assigned one two-hour block of time for a final exam. A few instructors schedule a class activity of some kind other than an exam for that final two-hour period. So you still must attend.

The schedule for final exam week is posted on the cover of the printed course schedule. You can also find it linked to the registrar’s page of the Hesston College website.

Can I take midterm and final exams early?

No early exams are permitted. All final exams must be taken at the scheduled time.

What are legitimate reasons for requesting early final exams?

Early exams are only permitted under extenuating circumstances beyond your control such as a death in the family or a medical procedure where extended recovery time is required. Leaving early because that is when your friends are going does not count! Holding airline tickets for flights that leave early isn’t an acceptable reason either. Don’t make any travel plans until you know when your final exams are scheduled.

How do I request an early exam?

Any request for an early exam must be approved by the academic dean. Request an appointment to speak with the academic dean in person. If approved, there is a $75 fee.

What can I do if all of my final exams are scheduled on the same day?

If you have four or more exams scheduled on the same day, go to the Registrar’s Office at least one week before final exam week. The Registrar will help you reschedule exams as necessay at no cost to you. No student is expected to have more than three exams in any one day.