Hesston College celebrates two new emeritus faculty who served a combined 74 years

Emeritus faculty members Margaret Wiebe and Vickie Andres are honored at Formation, Oct. 24, 2022

On October 24 Hesston College celebrated two new emeritus faculty members. With over 74 years between them, Vickie Andres, business professor, and Margaret Wiebe, library director, were honored for their years of dedication and commitment to the college and students.

Vickie Andres served in the business department for 33 years as professor, mentor and business advocate. Through her years at the college Vickie ushered in relationships with local businesses that brought internships, jobs and financial support. Her vision for a future business program was the beginning of the School of Management Hesston College has today. “Vickie helped to put together the entire program,” said VP of Academics Dr. Carren Moham. “A lot of it would not have happened if it hadn’t been for Vickie’s input.”

Heidi Hochstetler, Intensive English Language Program and education professor, spoke about her experience with Andres. “Vickie is like an aspen grove,” said Hochstetler, “on the surface they look like individual trees, but once you look below the surface, all of the roots are interconnected.”

The current home of Mary Miller Library at Hesston College is the result of the work and vision of Margaret Wiebe. Beginning her career at the college in 1981, Wiebe brought forth the remodel and renovation of the campus library that has served generations of students as well as the community.

In the span of 40 years, the way information is delivered has seen extensive change. Wiebe navigated these changes and was able to deliver new methods of data as they were available. “The library at the beginning of her career and today is a really different place,” said chemistry professor Will Wiebe-Friesen, “and we can thank her flexibility, creativity and adapting to those changes for the many resources we all have available to us now.”

Emeritus status is granted to selected faculty who have served the college for 15 or more years and have retired. By being granted this honor, Andres and Wiebe will be given the rights and privileges of current faculty. They were each presented with a plaque honoring their service and this day of celebration.