Hesston College management and engineering bachelor’s degree programs get boost with incentives

Hesston College management students in class

A generous donation from an anonymous donor makes it possible for management and engineering students at Hesston College to save money while pursuing their degrees.

The one-time gift will benefit up to twenty junior students apiece in Hesston College’s Schools of Engineering and Management during the 2022-23 school year.

For the first twenty junior students enrolling in the newly created School of Engineering, the donor-backed incentive will cover room and board expenses during the upcoming school year, a nearly $10,000 value per student. The room and board incentive is designed to further incentivize enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program that boasts a unique focus on mechatronics, a field of engineering that combines mechanics, electronics and computers to create simpler and smarter systems.

For the first twenty juniors enrolled in Hesston College’s School of Management during the 2022-23 school year, the donated funds will cover travel expenses for domestic and international trips. Members of the 2021-22 junior class in the School of Management will also have their previous travel expenses covered. As with the School of Engineering incentive, the value of this incentive comes to roughly $10,000.

“With these incentives, Hesston College students can pursue their interests and passions for less,” said Dr. Rachel Swartzendruber Miller, vice president of advancement at Hesston College. “Because of the incredible generosity of this anonymous donor, engineering and management students will have one more compelling reason to pursue their bachelor’s degree at Hesston College.”