Campus welcomes an increase in new students for 2014-15

Official fall 2014 enrollment numbers show a marked increase in new students at Hesston College for the 2014-15 year. The college welcomed 237 new students, an increase of 10 percent from 2013-14.

Total enrollment for the year is 428 students from 33 states and 12 countries. Kansas students make up 46 percent of the total student population while 43 percent of students come from other U.S. states and 11 percent are international.

“Admissions employed several new visit initiatives that helped increase the number of visitors to campus, and thereby the number of new students,” said Rachel Swartzendruber Miller, vice president of Admissions and Financial Aid. “We are confident that our visit experience allows students to see the opportunities and first-class start that Hesston offers.”

There are 316 students living in the dorms, or about 74 percent of the total student population, a number that has held consistent for several years. Kansas students make up 27 percent of the dorming population, with 59 percent from other U.S. states and 14 percent international.